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For the unknown evil and destructive purpose, the monsters gather together and rush up the peaceful world for a sudden! At the mean time, Heroes, possessing sense of justice, have got ready for the next battle, and beat the monsters. Who are the heroes? They are the well-known 'Hit Monsters'!

[ How to play ]

Slide on the screen to control the Hero to move and attack from 4 directions. The more monsters you kill, the

higher the score you may get. Pretty simple, isn't it?

[ Features ]

* Creative playing mode, control-friendly and full of challenging.

* Lovely monsters of various attributes, what a fool!

* Come to summon the Heroes of superior skills!

* Brand new styles and brand new battle field.

* Sufficient stages for tasting of exciting.

* Survival challenging mode, PK with millions of players all over the world.

+ New cool Halloween party mode!

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